Stock Photo Guide

Different Types of Stock Photography Licensing


If you own a blog, you already understand the importance of photographs. They help you tell your story better than any number of words. One of the ways photographers around the world share their work is through stock photography. This is the practice of sharing photographs through licenses. This helps the photographer make some money out of their work and gives people around the world a way of expressing themselves.


Many businesses use lifestyle stock photography for advertising and marketing campaigns. Stock photography provides some high-quality images as well as graphics that help different marketing ads look professional. One of the most common types of stock photography licensing is the royalty fee licenses that allows you to use lots of photographs for a set fee. This allows the photographer to license a particular image multiple times. Unfortunately, the royalty free stock photography licenses are not exclusive which means that other companies may use the images. This reduces the uniqueness of the images, but it also means that the fee to be paid is smaller.


The other common type of stock photography licenses are rights managed photography licenses. These type of photography licensing is negotiated through a number of criteria including duration of use, how the image will be used, as well as size and quality of the image. As such, these licenses are more expensive, but they also allow for broader usage. These licenses allow companies to present unique images since the images can be licensed exclusively to them.


Stock photography can be also be classified as editorial. These images are not to be used for commercial applications, but they can be used for educational purposes or news reporting. These are the images commonly found in newspapers, magazines and textbooks. These images are not paid for, and so they are readily available but are not unique. Check out to gain more details about photography.


There are a number of places one can obtain stock photo. Most stock photographer work through agencies that have libraries or images as well as an exclusive photo collection. The most distinguishing factor for different stock photography companies is the quality of the images. The cheaper the image, the lower the quality. It is always important to understand your photography needs which will also inform the type of licensing to go for. If the activity you are doing relies heavily on images, it is advisable to look for high-quality images that will make you stand out.